You can search by author, title (or part thereof) or keyword in books, articles and dissertations (published or unpublished) or simply for literature in a particular category. If you leave fields blank all entries will be shown , ie. if you choose one category and leave all other fields blank you will be shown all entries in this category.
For the search for authors and titles you can truncate your search term with *.
For the keyword search all entries which contain the exact characters as typed will be searched in all fields and shown.
To make sure to catch all entries in question in the IRAH database it is sometimes advisable to use the key word search.


Every entry is basically shown in 3 sections - the author(s) in the first section (in bold characters), the title in the second section (italic characters) and further entry details in the third section.
If there is additional information available for the item (publication history etc.) you will see ...more. Click on it and it will drop down and display these details.
The icon on the far left will indicate whether it is a book, an article or a dissertation/thesis.
Next to it the icons will give you an idea of the reliability of the entry details.
A green square icon indicates that the contributer has physically seen the item in front of him (and is therefore veryfying it as existing literature).
Uncertain or variant authorship (mainly from language translations of the name) is indicated in square brackets []. Unknown authorship has the wording "[Anonymous]" displayed in the author field (of course there are no unknown or anonymous authors, but we must leave it to the community to rectify these entries where possible). So a thorough search should always include a view of these entries.

Please be aware that any reference refers to one category only, so no multiple category entries for one entry!

Articles also stand for book contributions, conference or other papers and Internet publications throughout this application.

Dissertations stand for PhD dissertations, MA Thesis' and similar works.


Upon the screen presentation of your search results you can click on the "Print Results" button to print them. A new window or tab will open showing the results in a printable pdf file.


You can freely edit any entry. To prevent misuse of this site, every addition or alteration of any entry, although being presented immediately "live" on IRAH, will have to pass final authorisation. Our aim is to do this within 24 hours.

If you want to add a new reference use the "ADD" section (light green box). If you want to edit a existing reference find it first. An "Edit" button then appears next to the reference.

Non-english entries are requested to be translated and the english translation put into square brackets []. For non latin alphabets [ie. cyrillic] use only the original language and the english translation in []. Please no latinized transcriptions whereever possible!

Do not worry about punctuation. The programme will do it for you. Fields left blank will automatically receive the following insertions:

title - insert "n.t." for no title
author - insert "[Anonymous]"
publishing year - insert "n.d." for no date
publisher - insert "n.p." for no publisher

If you are not certain about any details just leave it. We will correct it during the authorisation process.