1648 Deshnew crosses the Bering Sea.
1689 Peter I (the Great) becomes czar
1725 Peter the Great dies, his wife succeeds as Catherine I
1728, 25th March First Bering/Tchirikov expedition passes through the Bering Strait without proofing ultimately the supposed separation of Asia and America.
1732 The Gvosdev/Fedorov expedition has the first sighting of the American Mainland near Cape Prince of Wales but does not land.
1741 Second Bering/Tchirikov expedition lands in Alaska with both ships which became seperated prior to. The expedition ends with near total desaster. Chirikov returns. Bering dies on Bering Island (Commander Islands) on Dec 8 1741.
1743 Emilian Basow and his backers start the commercialisation of the fur trade. Basow manages five hunting trips. Others follow swiftly.
1743 Russia gains Southeast Finland in the treaty of Abo.