Information about authors displayed here has been obtained (and translated where applicable) from publicly available sources or, on exception, by the author himself.
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You might find some literature about author's in the Biography category. For information on earlier authors (before 1915) we also recommend (despite the occasional error it contains):
Elliott, Henry W., Biographical Sketches of Authors on Russian America and Alaska, Transcription and Bibliography by John W. Carnahan, Occasional Paper No. 2, Anchorage: Anchorage Historical and Fine Arts Museum, 1976.

Choris, Louis Ukranian expand
Golder, Frank A. US-American expand
Heller, Klaus German expand
Manning, William Ray US-American expand
Ramming, Martin German expand
Tate, Vernon Dale US-American expand
Tompkins, Stuart Ramsay Canadian expand
Webb, Robert Lloyd US-American expand